Shelley Burgoyne

Staithes Residency 2019

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Calder River 2021 Watercolour and Pencil 8x10cm

Magdalena Four Plate Etching 33 x 33 cm

Rialto Series Multi-plate Etching and Carborundum 33 x 33cm

Flora Monoprint and Pencil Crayon 24 x 56 cm

River Reed Project Tall Towers Monoprints 24 x 56 cm

Fountain of Joy Monoprints 8 cm x 12 cm

Seed Columns Collagraph Carborundum Drypoint 15 x 85 cm

River Reed Towers Natural Form and Architectural Exploration Pen and Ink Drawings 24 x 56 cm

River Reed Cathedral Drawings Pen, Ink, Graphite 85 x 70 cm

Memory of The Blanket Story Textile Stitch Print 60 x 84 cm

Ocean Series Drypoint Carborundum Collagraph 34 x 56 cm

Obelia Drawing 55 x 65 cm

Tideline Drawings Pen Ink Wash 2m x 2m

The Colours Inside Me Carborundum and Surface Print 28 x 33 cm

Garden Series   Drypoint Collagraph and Carborundum    45 x 52 cm

Anatomy and Sea Creatures Drypoint, Carborundum, Screenprint 33 x 56 cm